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Change log :

No Simpler Accounting 8.0 :
-Export to excel added. Icons changed. minor changes.

No Simpler Accounting 7.0 :
-License changed from GPL to Apache License , Version 2.0

No Simpler Accounting 6.0 :
- Fixed a bug in expense category report (showing all categories).

No Simpler Accounting 5.0 :
- Help added
- Small UI changes
- Code refactored
- Documention added to code

No Simpler Accounting 4.0 :
- Fixed a major bug about expense categories (Showing income categories instead of expense categories).
- Removed DVGPrinter class and print functionality in order to reduce minimum .Net Framework to 2.0
- Added refrencial integrity to database.
- Updated restore in order fix problems in databases of previous versions.
- Changed target platform to x86
- changed backup extension to .nsa

No Simpler Accounting 3.0 :
- Fixed a a bug about administrator rights. Installer software changed.

No Simpler Accounting 2.0 :
- Fixed a small bug about showing GNU GPL license incompletely.

No Simpler Accounting 1.1 beta :
- First public release.

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